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Randy Cannon Adds MySQL Database Component to PDF Application for Automated Data Processing


Randy Cannon spent a lot of time today, researching some of the aspects of MySQL and PHP in conjunction with security features for implementing a stronger application for collecting data in a database.

Data seems to be the digital currency of today when it comes to the collection and use of information for marketing purposes. Businesses and government agencies rely on data to study trends and forecast projections for products and services to make profit and accomplish institutional objectives. Data collection may focus on the habits of people as consumers of goods, stocks, bonds and so forth. Data collection may focus on trends of birthrates, death rates, crime rates, rates of divorce, poverty, and just about anything else you can think of. Data collection may also focus on weather, plant productions, and animal migration. You can be sure that if something happens or exists in the world, there is someone collecting data on it and using that data to study it and use it for whatever their minds desire.


Because there is so much data in the world, systems have to be developed to store and process that data.


Computers have done well in accomplishing this task and the vast amounts of data that is stored in databases can cover the earth 10 times over if it were printed out on paper and sifting through all that data in hardcopy form would prove to be quite impractical. Fortunately, there are resources for making this task practically effortless. MySQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL, and Oracle for example make the collection, storage, and processing of data much more manageable with the aid of other programming languages such as PHP, Java, Python, or Ruby. Statistical analysis can be performed instantaneously over and over again as new data is collected and stored with just a few lines of code. Surveys can be posted online or distributed via e-mail and the collection of data can be automated without the need of surveyors or statisticians to gather, store, and evaluate the data. Technology can be a double edge sword by accomplishing much more and a greater speed but at the same time put people out of jobs, but that’s a topic for another post.


Randy Cannon spent time today working on such an application that before would have needed to be filled out, saved, and sent via snail mail or e-mail. Randy Cannon would then have had to open an e-mail, open the pdf, read the data, take the data and put it in a spreadsheet for later applications, and then e-mail the person back just to let him or her know that the application was received and a follow up will be coming soon. Now, Randy Cannon has developed a PDF application that collects data and submits it to a PHP script that does 5 things.

  1. The PHP script takes the data and sends it to Randy Cannon’s e-mail address.
  2. The PHP script takes the data and sends it to Randy Cannon’s cell phone via text message.
  3. The PHP script responds to the sender with the information received as confirmation.
  4. The PHP script sends a popup alert to the sender for immediate  notification of a successful transmission.
  5. The PHP script also stores the information in a database table for later use such as adding the collected e-mail addresses to a mailing list.


So now, Randy Cannon knows immediately when a prospective client has submitted a service request, the client knows Randy Cannon has received the correct information, and Randy Cannon can take the data collected and use it for later since it’s already saved in a table that Randy Cannon would have put in an excel spreadsheet table. This saves time and effort that would have been used in manually storing the data and now Randy Cannon can spend more time on projects for clients.

If you would like Randy Cannon to set up and/or your database(s), contact Randy Cannon by downloading the attached PDF form below and receive a 25% discount on your service request.



April 24, 2016