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Randy Cannon: What Can I Do With My Old Computers? (Grammatical Update)

Randy Cannon Old Computer

Randy Cannon has a lot of old computers! 

In fact, out of all of the computers I’ve ever owned, I’ve only thrown away one and that’s because I had to throw out a lot of items after a fire I had in my home and that was one of the items that got thrown in a pile of trash, but to this day, I have kept every computer I have ever owned. On top of that, I still have every floppy disk, thumb drive, and hard drive I’ve every owned too. If I asked a friend what I should do with these computers, he or she would probably tell me to throw them away but do we really need another landfill filled with computers?

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Some people may hold on to items for for sentimental value but for me, it’s mostly for security of confidential information. Nothing on computers is ever truly deleted without some serious work. Wiping the drives and rewriting binary code on them over and over again DOD style may help but if someone wants to truly recover that data, he or she most certainly can with some serious effort. It’s not like I’m some CIA agent with matters of national security kept on my data drives but I just don’t want to take any chance that I’ve left some social security numbers, bank account information, or passwords of long forgotten accounts on any of them. So what do I do, I keep them in storage.


I recently read an article about how Apple found the value in there old computers by taking them apart and collecting the gold left in the parts like the circuit boards and memory cards. Of course I don’t have enough computers leftover to recover millions of dollars worth of precious metals but I’ve also found valuable uses for my computers. Some of my computers have been revitalized with slimmed down operating systems such as Lubuntu Linux or Windows XP with the most minimum install of 1 major program running in Kiosk Mode.

One might ask, “what’s the point of all that when you could just get a new computer and reinstall the same program?” Of course this is reasonable, although, I’ve found that some of my legacy programs do not run in new versions of Windows even when I change the compatibility settings to run as if it were on a previous version of Windows. This isn’t always the case but sometimes it does come up. Even still, today one can still install a virtual version of that operating system on VirtualBox, VMware, or Citrix so the truth is that there’s not much reason to hold on to an old computer other than for, security, for nostalgia, for a keepsake in case they become valuable relics like antique items that collectors will pay large amounts to acquire, or for fun of course. Yes for fun!


Wait, no, not that kind of fun. This kind of fun!

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Some people like to repurpose computers for something else entirely. Personally, Randy Cannon likes to install headless versions of Linux to set up servers which can share data like pictures, videos, audio files, and more. Randy Cannon also sets up social networking sites on old computers using WordPress. In fact, while I type this post, Randy Cannon has been setting up the latest version of Debian Linux on an old Presario V2000 and it’s now running oh so much faster than before.

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April 17, 2016