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Randy Cannon is an expert desktop publisher.

Randy Cannon has been using Adobe Acrobat Professional for desktop publshing for several years with all of its many features such as creating fillable forms, multimedia forms, and incorporating forms with JavaScript and more. Randy Cannon knows how to redact forms and use just about every feature, batch and all, Adobe Acrobat Pro has to offer. Years ago, before http://randycannon.com was developed, Randy Cannon created a website called http://randycannon.org This website was used to brand Randy Cannon as a lobbyist, Randy Cannon, MPA

Randy Cannon received a Master’s degree (MPA) in Public Policy & Administration from the California State University of Long Beach after receiving his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice from CSULB and is Associate in Arts degree in Administration of Justice from Long Beach City College. Randy Cannon began to brand himself as a lobbyist and developed a PDF form with his desktop publishing skills using the policy analysis template to survey potential clients. At the time, Randy Cannon placed the pdf online and clients would fill out the application, mail it in or e-mail it to Randy Cannon. In addition, Randy Cannon created a php script and web form to collect this same data. Potential clients used all methods but it wasn’t until recently that Randy Cannon discovered that Adobe Acrobat allows users to take the same approach with the pdf form. There are various ways of doing this.

Randy Cannon: Desktop Publishing: Adobe Acrobat Submit Form

One way is to use the form tools, create a button and for the action, choose submit form. This will give you options on what you want to submit and where to send the data/form. You can submit the data/form to an e-mail address or to a server side script based in php, perl, etc…

Randy Cannon: Desktop Publishing: PHP Script

Another way is to use JavaScript using the submitForm() function. This gives you the same option on sending the data/form to an e-mail address, or to a server side scripts as well.

Randy Cannon uses Adobe Acrobat Professional for various assignments in desktop publishing for building applications and forms for corporations and government organizations. Adobe Acrobat Pro is rich with features and Randy Cannon is an expert when it comes to using this software. If you would like Randy Cannon to develop and publish applications and forms for you, download this flyer and receive a 25% discount when you send it to Randy Cannon with you e-mail request:

Randy Cannon’s Digital Discount.

You can also call Randy Cannon at 213-537-3363.


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March 30, 2016