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Randy Cannon: I Love Google!

Randy Cannon Loves Google

Google how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

There’s no doubt about it. Google has been great to Randy Cannon and to the world as far as I’m concerned. I’ve used Google for years and everyday I am amazed and how much there continues to learn about Google and their services.

First and foremost is Google’s search engine. Is there really any competitor? Not in my book. Randy Cannon has used Google for years to conduct searches for almost everything. For those of you who are savvy to the secret language of queries, using specialized query requests like, Filetype:pdf “python” will get you a list of nothing but pdfs about the python programming language. Substitute that keyword for anything else and your receive thousands of pdfs for whatever subject you desire. This has made research for term papers a cinch when looking for references. Substitute pdf with another filetype say xls, txt, jpg, gif, mp3, or ppt and you’ll get thousands of resources for those types of files. Type in the query intitle:”index of” or intitle: parent directory and you’ll find hidden caches of directories filled with content you would never see on most websites free for download. Of course if you continue to search like this, Google will eventually ask you to prove you’re not a robot by having you complete a captcha.

Randy Cannon Google Captcha

Another thing I love about Google is their free Google Voice Service! Google allows you to pick a phone number in any area code, mine spells out a word, 213-5-Free-Me. Google makes it so you can forward this number to any number you have to ring them selectively or all at once so you get your calls no matter what phone you have. You can screen calls sent to voicemail in real time, record phone calls, and all voicemail messages can be transcribed and sent to you via sms text message on your cell phone or in your e-mail. You can also listen to the voice message from your e-mail box and download them in mp3 format. This has been great for me because I only have to give out one number and if I change phones, I just forward my Google voice number to my new phone and if my phone is disconnected, I don’t lose any messages. Oh and did I mention it’s free? Yup and has been for several years. I’ve been using it for over 5 years and haven’t paid one cent for the service.


For you business minded folks, Google has Adwords and Adsense to help you promote your business and make money online. If you need to translate something from one language to another there’s Google Translate. Do I really have to mention that Google owns Youtube and all of the good things that come with it? If you need directions, there’s Google Maps and Google Transit. Of course, I dare not forget to mention Android and the Google Play Store. You’ve heard of paypal, and you should also know about Google Wallet.

For you programmers out there, Google has the Android Studio Software Development Kit, the Open Source Go Programming Language, and the Open Source Software Library for Artificial/Machine Intelligence called TensorFlow. These are only a few of their tools that make Google great but what I love most about Google is there continued investment in the future of technology by providing resources to the youth through the promotion of Computer Science to ensure that tomorrow will be so much better than today.

While it seems everyone hears about the perks of working for Google and wants to become a Googler, I mean, who can blame them, I’m just excited to be in a world where I have access to their products and services. Although, Google, if you’re reading this post, HIRE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


April 14, 2016