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Randy Cannon SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Randy Cannon SEO

Randy Cannon recommends anyone that has a personal or business website start preparing their site for search engine optimization. “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine‘s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization). In other words, search engine optimization is making sure that your website or promotional page ranks high enough in search engines to be relevant to anyone who gives a damn about what you’re offering.

Years ago, all you had to do was buy a domain name, load your page with relevant keywords, and get a bunch of links coming in to your site. It was fairly easy to rank high. For instance, www.RandyCannon.com without any content was good enough to rank #1 on google if you looked for the key words “Randy Cannon” but today, March 27, 2016, if you google Randy Cannon, the top ten posts are filled mostly with links to some other Randy Cannon who is a jazz musician. In fact, that Randy Cannon doesn’t even have a website with his name in the url on the first top ten. The links are to a youtube video featuring Randy Cannon Jazz Trio in Thailand, a bankokpost review of the Randy Cannon Group, photos of this Randy Cannon, and reviews from tripavisor, and some website that’s all about jazz. Oh yeah, and Randy Cannon also has a twitter page in the top ten results. The rest are links to facebook searches for Randy Cannon at the rank of 9 and 10.



Randy Cannon Google SEO

Keep in mind that most people don’t look past the first page, so anyone looking for the Randy Cannon who is a software/web developer, graphic designer, audio producer, and desktop publisher will probably give up looking if he or she could not find him. Think about it. What does that say about a “web developer” who can’t even rank top ten on google with his own name as the main keyword in a website domain. Sure, http://RandyCannon.com ranked in the top ten on yahoo for the key words Randy Cannon but it was number 10 at the bottom and seriously, who uses yahoo for their search engine anyway? No offense to yahoo.

Randy Cannon Yahoo SEO

What that means is Randy Cannon of the Randy Cannon Jazz Group has done a pretty damn good job of for his PR (public relations) campaign in promoting his band and Randy Cannon the software/web developer, graphic designer, audio producer, and desktop publisher has done a piss poor job on search engine optimization for his site: http://randycannon.com

Although this is his first day at it, let’s not be too hard on Randy Cannon. What advice would you give to increase the google rank of http://randycannon.com

The first step taken thus far at the time of this writing is writing relevant content. Sure Randy Cannon will eventually become relevant to the google search engine as more content is generated on the site, more links from social networks are created, and videos on youtube are developed. Perhaps writing articles for other blogs with referenced to this site will help too if taking the organic/white hat free route but what about ranking high for terms like software developer, web developer, graphic designer, audio producer, and desktop publisher? Would a one person campaign be enough? Randy Cannon has done wonders in the past but search engines are changing their algorithms constantly and restricting what type of links are considered relevant. It seems today that relevancy is wonderful but building a following of people who love your content to the point where your content is compelling enough for those people to share it among their networks is the key these days to ranking high online. So, at this time, Randy Cannon has a lot of work to do but if you’re reading this and http://randycannon.com is the first site that pops up when you google Randy Cannon, then Randy Cannon has done well for this key word, and if that is the case, which should be easy enough, the true test should be to see if this site ranks high when you search for the following key words on google and Randy Cannon ranks in the top ten: software developer, web developer, graphic designer, audio producer, and desktop publisher. Google them and see where Randy Cannon ranks. Then, google Randy Cannon and these terms together and see where Randy Cannon Ranks. I googled Randy Cannon, Software Developer, and my other site http://randycannon.org ranked five.

Randy Cannon Google SEO

The page is blank if you go there now. How is this possible? It’s because there is an embedded pdf with Randy Cannon‘s resume there which is not visible unless it is inspected with a DOM reader. Search engine robots, spiders, and web crawlers like googlebot can also read it so it pops up and no, this was not an attempt at “Black Hat” SEO. The site was to be used primarily for a resume showcase until I thought about having http://randycannon.com as the main site for showcasing my skills. Needless to say, it still shows up and http://randycannon.com does not at the time of this writing, but someday world, it will. Cheers!


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March 28, 2016