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    Randy Cannon has been fascinated with computers all of his life. Randy Cannon taught himself html to put his music online and coded using simple notepad when the Internet was still in its infancy and made his own static websites. Randy Cannon dabbled in modifying Perl scripts and eventually continued to work with PHP for creating questionnaires. Graphic design has also been a past time favorite his and Randy Cannon is the go to person at work when someone wants a flyer drafted. Randy Cannon has used Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Sketchup, Xara 3d, and Lumion 3d for various graphic design projects. Randy Cannon is also proficient in audio production using FL Studio. Randy Cannon started working with CMS like Drupal and WordPress, modifying the PHP, HTML, and CSS for his own personal websites. All of this was done as a hobby and his official studies, as a fall back, focused on Criminal Justice and Public Policy & Administration earning Randy Cannon several degrees along the way. Randy Cannon's greatest strenth has been figuring out how to solve problems, especially when it comes to technology. Randy Cannon loves to purchase just about every book related to computers, programming, information and technology that he can get my hands on. Some of these books include subjects related to PHP, Java, C++, python, raspberry pi, android development, Comptia A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA, Red Hat Linux Certification, JavaScript, jQuery, Go Programming Language, R Statistical Programming Language, and many more. Randy Cannon plans on mastering them all throughout his lifetime and Randy Cannon is sure as technology advances, his wealth of knowledge will continue to be updated as well. Randy Cannon has the experience and expertise to complete your projects and will strive to satisfy your digital desires. If you've gotten this far and still want more, call Randy Cannon right now using google voice: (213) 537-3363, that's (213) 5-Free-Me!